Smart Lock Installation

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Residential keypad smart lock

Residential keypad smart locks are very convenient and allow you to set custom entry codes for family, friends, contractors, and more.

Smart locks are the perfect choice for homeowners who care about security and want to enjoy all the convenience of smart technology. When you opt for smart lock installation, you not only gain the peace of mind of knowing your home is secure, but also the added benefit of being able to remotely control access. We offer smart lock installation all over Shenandoah County, Clark County, and Frederick County, VA. To help you decide whether smart locks are the right choice for your home, let’s take a look at some of their benefits.

Control Access Remotely

Have you ever wished you could grant access to your home to a cleaner, contractor, or delivery driver, rather than having to take time off work and wait around for them to arrive? Some smart locks provide standalone access control, which means you can remotely tell the lock to open the door when the contractor arrives, and lock again when they have gone. Other locking systems provide access using keypad locks, into which contractors can enter a temporary code to enter your property only when you want them to.

No More Keys

For many people, the main motivation for investing in smart lock installation is to avoid having to fumble with keys when hauling groceries from the car or coming home from a long day at work. Smart locks can detect your presence via your smartphone and automatically open the door to welcome you home. Of course, keys are still available as a backup method of access.

Smart Lock Installation Near Winchester, VA

Willhite’s Mobile Lock Service offers smart lock installation all over the Winchester, VA area, including Shenandoah County, Frederick County, and Clark County, VA. As a local, mobile-only locksmith, we are able to quickly respond to requests for smart lock installation in this area. We understand the challenges and worries local people face in keeping their homes secure and always strive to provide a service that satisfies. In fact, we are so sure you will love your new smart lock that our service is guaranteed.

How Much Does Smart Lock Installation Cost?

Many households that could benefit from smart lock installation shy away from it because they assume the technology will be too expensive. In fact, some smart lock systems that are available today are surprisingly affordable. Get in touch with us today to find out about our range of stand-alone smart locks like Schlage and Kwikset. All our pricing is honest and transparent, so you do not need to worry about hidden fees or charges jacking up the cost. When you work with us, you get the peace of mind of working with a certified and insured locksmith without paying over the odds for smart lock installation.