Car Unlock Service

Car Locksmith Services for Electronic Door Locks

Image of locksmith handing a client her car keys after getting her back in her car.

If you lock your keys in your car, we’ll get you back in quickly and make you a new key and remote if you need it.

When you accidentally lock your keys in the car, you may panic over how you’re going to get back in. Gone are the days of trying to use a bent hanger in the place of a Slim Jim to try to finagle open your lock. These days, even trying that method may result in significant damage. Many police departments no longer provide courtesy unlock services any longer, either, because they lack the proper equipment or are overtasked in other areas. Fortunately, you can take advantage of Willhite’s mobile car unlock service so you can get back into your vehicle and get on your way.

An auto locksmith is equipped with specialized tools and equipment to help defeat your locked car issue, even if it’s complex. Most newer vehicles on the road today feature electronic key systems that lock and unlock with the push of a button. Your trained car locksmith can use a key analyzer or decoder system to evaluate your lock and create a new key on the spot.

Defeating Lockouts on Keyless Entry Systems

Willhite’s can also accommodate keyless model cars that are entirely electronic without keyholes on the door. In that case, the locksmith providing your car unlock service can reprogram your system to gain access to your vehicle, then reset your key fob up accordingly. And if your antitheft system has an immobilizer that shuts down your vehicle so it can’t be stolen, we can help turn that off as well while we work to get you back in your car.

Standard Car Unlock Services for Old-Style Locks


If you have an older model car with standard door locks, we can pick those with our specialized tools and get you back inside quickly, and with no damage to your locks.

If you drive an older vehicle or your vehicle model features a traditional-style locking mechanism, we’ll choose from a variety of tools to access your lock and open your car door. Among the tools we carry are Slim Jims, J tools, and L tools. We’ll take a careful look at the make and model of your car and determine which will get the job done fastest, easiest, and without causing any damage.

Avoid the Temptation to DIY Your Locked Car

You may be tempted to try performing the work of a Slim Jim, or J or L tool with a bent hanger, but it’s best to leave this work to the pros. Your bent hanger could cause other mechanisms to break or become unattached while you’re blindly searching for the lock to pop, or could break off and get caught inside your door. Either way, that could cause costly damage that empties your wallet and takes your car out of commission a lot longer than a lockout.

Trust the Trained and Certified Professionals at Willhite’s

All Willhite locksmiths are certified, insured, and registered, having undergone rigorous training to provide mobile car lockout services to customers throughout Shenandoah County, Clark County, and Frederick County, VA. We offer honest and fair pricing and guarantee every service we provide. As the area’s only local mobile we’re pleased to provide fast and accurate service, whenever and wherever you need it within our service area. If you’re looking for the best auto locksmith near me, look no further than Willhite for car unlock services and more.